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In case you want to know more about the dudes who came up with this brilliant idea, meet our management team:

Shawn Hamell

Chief Executive Officer

Shawn Hamell is a renowned inventor who specializes in solving everyday problems. Although he grew up in Nebraska, he made his way to Texas as quickly as possible to secure an engineering degree from Texas A&M University where he met his beautiful wife. Over the years, Shawn has worked as a design engineer, sales engineer, and even a business owner, but his real passion is making stuff. He gets a thrill out of finding and building solutions to problems. Pokeadotz were the answer to the age old headache of transferring mounting locations from an object to a surface accurately and easily. His faith allowed him to take his design to market, and his passion makes that design a winning product.

Eric D. Coffey

Chief Operating Officer

Eric Coffey is young, handsome and smart. Raised in the great state of Texas, he was born mechanically inclined and had aspirations of being an inventor for as long as he can remember. He has spent most of his career in aerospace working mainly on the F-135 program. As a business owner he thrives on inventing new technologies that simplify life for everyday people. Eric enjoys spending his free time with his family and playing the ever illusive game of golf.

Terri Maxwell

Chief Marketing Officer

Terri Maxwell is a rapid Pokeadotz fan! She fell in love with the product and quickly jumped on board to take the product to market. She says her first love is college football and her second love is a picture easily hung with Pokeadotz. Terri is a seasoned professional with over twenty years experience in sales, marketing and senior management. She has launched dozens of companies with cool products and can’t wait to help the world see this amazing solution.

Tiffani Stutzman


Tiffani is a CPA with over 15 years of experience in diverse areas including “big five” public accounting, corporate finance for a Fortune 500 company, and controller roles at private companies during periods of high growth.

Pokeadotz Brand Values

Just so you know we’re serious…we’ve even put our values up here!

  1.     1) User friendly: Pokeadotz appeals to everyone!
  2.     2) Fun and interactive: We want our customer to experience the WOW.
  3.     3) Accommodating: We listen!
  4.     4) Quality: Our product is consistent, mechanically and visually.
  5.     5) Integrity: Beyond reproach.