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PokeADotz body image

Pokeadotz...a better way to hang

This isn’t an expensive “hanging system” or a fancy tool! Besides, anything called a “system” is too complicated!

Do you realize there are now almost 100 different products dedicated to solving the basic household problem of hanging stuff? Yep! You heard it here.

And, it doesn’t take an engineer to figure it out. Your kids could do it. Your mom could do it. Heck, you could do it!

Pokeadotz are inexpensive!

Believe it or not, these precious jewels are less than ($) a piece! I know, no way! And, don’t think just because it’s cheap, it doesn’t work! So you’ll know we’re serious, check out the Pokeadotz guarantee! (We’ll double your money if Pokeadotz don’t work!)

Pokeadotz are for everyone!

Pokeadotz...a better way to hang

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